Technical Consulting

Do you need help in your own recording space? I can help! Services including troubleshooting, repair, installation, wiring, and even instruction are available. My experience as a technical exngineer working at some of the largest commercial recoridng studios in Nashville can be put to work for you. I can provide referrals from several well known Nashville studio Chief Technicians, studio owners, and independent engineers.


Tech Services

I have many years experience performing service and repair on a wide variety of audio equipment. I have also hand built a number of audio processors such as preamps, equalisers, and compressor/limiters. Troubleshooting in the studio is an area where I excel. I don’t call a repair tech, I am the repair tech. I also have several Apple technician certifications, including ACMT, ACIT, MIB, and ACSP.


Studio consulting/Installation

Over the years, I have commissioned or helped install over a dozen commercial recording studios from start to finish, and performed refits of many more. I have all the necessary tools for connecting wall panels, patchbays, and building wiring harnesses of many types. I have also consulted with studio owners with recommending a studio layout and equipment purchases to achieve their desired creative goals.



Need to learn the ropes or find a way to work more efficiently? I am well versed in many areas of production. I am an expert level Pro Tools operator, and can advise on may well known plugins, computer setup, and file allocation. I am very experienced with analog tape machine alignment. I am also very familiar with studio workflow and can provide insight on best practices for session setup, use of processing equipment, mic choice and placement. During my time as Chief Engineer at Emerald Entertainment, I was responsible for training a large crew of house engineers in all aspects of recording.