Cross Anchor Union

Franklin Rec has been fortunate to host Cross Anchor Union for a series of rehearsals in studio in advance of a new recording. This has been beneficial in determining an optimal setup for the ensemble, while letting me refine the recording setup and mic choice/placement. The band has been most comfortable performing at once. The set up is with all the band members in the same room, so I focused on a layout that made the band comfortable while avoiding excessive bleed between the instruments.


Singer Gary Schwenke is using a Heil PR40 for vocals. The dynamic mic is able to handle what can be powerful vocals, while also minimizing bleed from Gary’s acoustic, or nearby drums and electric guitar. The acoustic guitar is recorded via DI, using an Avalon U5 class A direct box that excels at capturing detail. Gary also brought his own keyboard for additional parts, recorded via Radial D2.

Electric guitarist Nathan Emmert’s Fender combo amp is partially isloated by several of the studio gobos arranged in a box around the amp. The top is open allowing for easy adjustments to the amp on the fly. It is being recorded using a Shure SM57 and a Royer R121 ribbon, going through API312 pres.

Bassist Lance McCloud is using a Rupert Neve RNDI fed into a Focusrite pre.


Drummer Ted Bradford’s kit is being recorded with a variety of mics; Neumann small diaphragm tube condenser caridoids are on overhead duty, the SM57 on snare is complimented by a Neumann KM84i on snare bottom (to pick up the detail of his brush work). Audio Technica AT4047 are on the tom and outside kick, along with a Royer R121 on the room. A combination of Daking, Neve, SSL, and Focusrite pres are being used.

The band members are enthusiastic about being able to play as a group in studio. The multi-channel cue system allows them to hear everything and communicate easily. The live room’s combination of wood surfaces, acoustic treatment and diffusion compliment the music’s organic vibe.